Your First Job Out of College Can Be Crucial

When you are fresh out of college, you may think that your first job isn't important. You may feel that you can bounce around to different careers until finding one that is the best long term fit. In fact, many college students don't even take the job hunt that seriously when they are fresh out of school. However, it is very important to realize that the first job you take on after college may end up shaping how your career turns out.

Remember, when you work in a job, you instantly get experience. Regardless of how book savvy you may be outside of the workplace, there is no substitute for actual work experience. So when you start to work in a new field, you are instantly gaining a ton of ability and skills in the respective field. So that first job you sign up for, is essentially your new major.

Contacts are also a hugely important piece to your career. And it’s not about the quantity of contacts you have, it’s about the quality of those contacts. And when you work in an industry, you start to gain important contacts. So when you take that first job, you are starting to build your ever important network and the roots of your network will be fostered from the first job that you end up in outside of college.

Also, your resume always lists your jobs in chronological order. However, sometimes, a person interviewing you will read from bottom to top, so it will be your first job that they ask you about first. So, it can also set the stage for the interview, so if it is a job you don't like, or in a field you aren't interested in - it may present a challenge for yourself in the interview.

When you are out of college, don't rush into the first job that you get offered. You should be at time in your life where you don't have a lot of financial and personal responsibility, so take advantage of this time to seek out the job which will best suit you. A lot of people travel the world after graduation, as it is in a sense the last chance for freedom. Instead of taking a trip like this, you can focus on interviewing with as many companies and industries as possible so that your career can start out on the right track.

While in school, there is often on campus recruiting that you can take advantage of. Not only can this help you to get interviews, but you also will be able to build your network before your career officially begins.

It can be scary when college ends and you are dumped out into the real world - however, give yourself the best possible chance for a successful and fulfilling career by starting out of the gate in a job which you feel has long term promise.

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