Writing a Job Objective Statement

How should I go about Writing a Job Objective Statement given my specific career path?

Based on a question posed on the "Ask a Resume Expert" page:

Question from Pava in Tamil Nadu, IndiaI need to know the objective and skills which suits a credit appraisal job profile.

Our Response: Writing a job objective is a very personal exercise. While I can offer some suggestions, you will have to create your own job objective based on your career goals, past experience and employment opportunities.

First, read this page about the objective section of the resume. You need to understand its purpose and how it can benefit you in your job search.

Next, I would suggest you also look at this page which explains why the objective statement should focus on the employer's needs rather than your own.

When writing a job objective statement for a resume, it is important to realize that you should tailor that to each position and each organization to which you apply for a job. Include some of the key words from the job ad or vacancy statement you read. Not only will that get the employer's attention, but it will also benefit you if the organization uses a scanner to "read" resumes. Having the right keywords in your resume is essential if the prospective employer utilizes this technology. You won't necessarily know if an employer scans resumes or not, so using keywords is important and can only help you.

In your situation, some of the key elements to include MIGHT BE:
  • Managing credit risk and the company's balance sheet
  • Preparation of monthly MIS statements, Irregularity Reports and other statutory reports
  • Proposal preparation
  • Acting as a liason between the customers and management
  • Lending to different entities and building a loan portfolio
  • Timely and standard review of credit extended
  • Production of business plans and project appraisal
  • Feasibility studies on any new business opportunities
  • Securing credits-forms of collateral
  • Sensitivity analysis and projections for working capital/term loans
  • Problem loan management

Again, what you include in your job objective is based on your past experience, your employer's needs and your career goals. No one can write your job objective for you. No one knows what you really want in a career or how your work experiences relate to the position you are seeking.

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