Write a Professional Resume

How To Write a Professional Resume

One of the things that makes resume writing difficult is not having all of the information you need in one place at one time. If you are searching on the internet, you may first search for resume formats or resume examples, or you might search for templates and guidelines, but after awhile, it becomes frustrating to collect all of the information in one place so that you can look at a resume example while following along with a set of guidelines.
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I wrote "How to Write a Professional Resume" to help job seekers handle this and a variety of other issues – by providing all of the information in one place at one time.

Everyone needs help finding their way
through the job search process

More than that, the book takes you through the resume writing process step-by-step. You can see how one person turns a blank piece of paper into a professional resume one step at a time.

One of the reasons this book works so well is that it provides worksheets and forms to guide you through the process. It is much different from other resume books on the market because it doesn't just throw a bunch of resume examples at you and ask you to turn your qualifications into a similar format. That doesn't work.

You need to know what works and you need to see it in action so that your resume is an excellent representation of your skills and experience. There are examples provided in "How to Write a Professional Resume", but they are presented differently than in other resume books. Instead of seeing one person's accounting resume in a chronological format and another person's electrical engineering resume in a functional format, you see ONE PERSON'S resume in all three formats.

This makes a huge difference in understanding how the different formats arrange a person's qualifications.

That isn't all, though. Information about cover letters, including a template, provides excellent guidance through this process as well. Everything you need is in one location. It makes the job search process so much easier.

If you are serious about writing a professional resume, then this book is for you. It is priced inexpensively, so that anyone can afford it. It is offered to you, today, with a sincere desire that you achieve everything in life that you deserve. Work hard. Live vibrantly. Make a difference.

If you are finished reading about "How to Write a Professional Resume", follow this link to learn about the Resume Outline

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