Words you should not use on a resume

Many people find it hard to write their resumes. People have always wondered what keywords they should use on their resumes. Many tend to stick to words like detail-oriented and leadership skills. These are actually words you should avoid. Many employers do not search for these words. These keywords end up taking up valuable space on your resume where you can add strong work experience and accomplishments.

If you want your resume to stand out you need to sell yourself by showing the employers rather than telling. You need to explain your experiences and accomplishments in detail. In general, employers care more about what projects you worked on and not what projects you assisted on.

Rather than using the word “assisted” you should find a better keyword or you should always follow the word assisted with a description of the role and the responsibility you had.

Lastly, you should not include the phrase “References available upon request.” It is usually assumed by the employer that you would offer these references upon their request, so don’t waste space on your resume. Instead, add more valuable information on your experience related to the position you are applying for.

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