Why Your Social Networking Skills Should Be Included In Your Resume

Whenever you apply for a job, you want to communicate all of the skills that you bring to the table which they are likely to benefit from. If you don't promote yourself as best as possible, you will be selling yourself short and potentially missing out on a great opportunity. Your resume is the voice for yourself, and it should be able to impress recruiters and potential employers. If you are experienced in social media - it will make you look good to many employers. If you have a ton of Facebook friends, a huge following on Twitter, or if you are very active on newer social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram - you definitely should mention it on your resume. 10 years ago, everyone mentioned that they were efficient in Microsoft Word and Excel on their resume - so why should you not mention your social media talents.

Remember, many companies are run by veterans who aren't up to date with the latest trends on the web. Your social networking skills will make you stand out, and show the potential employer that you are bringing skills to the table which they may currently be lacking in. You should be sure your resume illustrates both your experience and your skills in social media. To highlight your experience, you should discuss the social media websites which you frequent. Sometimes less is more as companies will be more impressed if you are a power user of 2 or 3 social networks as opposed to being a one -time user of 15 social networks. What is best is if these social networks are related to the job you are applying for. If you are a web designer, that it is important to have experience on picture sharing app Instagram. If you are a blogger, well then you should be active on Microblogging platform Twitter. If you are an event planner, you certainly should be on Facebook - as it is the largest social network in the world. Lastly, if you are a recruiter, then you should be active on Linkedin.

By having success and experience on a few social networks, you help to validate yourself. And you should certainly be active on the networks for which you have experience, so you have mention that you have experience with Twitter, you'll look better if you have a professional profile, a decent amount of followers, and many Tweets.

As for skills to highlight, you want to tie this in to your overall resume. You want to be able to demonstrate how you have utilized skills on your resume which you have also utilized in your career which you will also utilize at the job you are applying for. This is why social media is awesome, it gives you a platform for you to improve and demonstrate the skills for which you are looking to acquire. And if you have been successful at using these skills to develop a presence on social media - they should definitely be mentioned on your resume.

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