What is a resume?

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When you think about getting a job, the first thing that comes to mind is: "How do I get the employer's attention?" In today's competitive job market, the answer is: "You need a resume."

But, what IS a resume?

what is a resume, what is resume

The short description is that it is a means for you to present yourself to a prospective employer. It is a piece of paper that details your personal background in such as way as to generate enough interest in the mind of the employer so that you are asked to meet face to face.

A well-written resume leads to an interview

How does a resume work?

An employer does not have time to meet with every person who wants to work for them. Many times, hundreds of resumes can be sent in for a single job opening. No one has time to meet with hundreds of job candidates to determine if they are right for the job or not. A resume gives the employer a way to evaluate an individual prior to a face to face meeting (job interview).

What is a resume to the employer?

When an employer receives a stack of resumes, there is usually a quick scan of each resume to determine if it should be read fully. This is often referred to as the "20 second scan" or the "30 second scan". Very little time is actually spent reading the resume during this first stage. What the employer is first looking for is anything to weed out a candidate from the rest of the stack.

A resume (poorly written) is a quick way to eliminate poor candidates.

This is the main reason that a resume has to be so well-written. Any typos or grammar errors could be the cause for elimination – even if the job candidate is otherwise outstanding.

If the goal of a resume is to obtain an interview, then the resume has to lead the employer to that goal. The best way to do that is to make sure it is accurate, contains no typos or grammar errors and highlights the job candidate's skills and accomplishments as amazingly as possible.

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Writing a great resume is a bit time consuming and requires patience and determination, but when it is done well, a job opportunity can quickly become a job offer.

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