What Is A Cover Letter

A cover letter is a way to introduce yourself to your potential employer. It is a letter that highlights your accomplishments, skills and experience. It allows you to go in-depth about your skills and experiences and relate them to the job position you are applying to. The cover letter is a way to expand on things that your resume can’t. A cover letter is a way to add focus to your resume.

Today, many employers will only consider you for a position if your resume is accompanied by a cover letter. The cover letter should always be tailored to each job position and employer.

In addition, the cover letter is usually the first document an employer sees and often the first impression you will make to the employer. Make sure your grammar is correct on the cover letter because it also provides the employer a sample of your written communication skills. Many times employers ask for writing samples but cover letters usually give the employers a general idea of what your writing skills are from their first glance of your cover letter.

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