What Does A Community Manager Do

In this day and age with the Internet dominating the amount of time people dedicate their day to, companies know that their new target market is on the web. Customer to company interaction is important for creating a positive image and gaining popularity, so companies will want to hire what is called a Social Media Community Manager to manage this online interaction.

The task of the community manager is to handle the company’s engagement with those who post on their site forum, retweet their posts, and comment on their Facebook fan page. A company that wants to stay on top of social media will be involved with all the relevant sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Not only should these sites provide information for its followers, they should also make a solid effort in encouraging user interaction, whether that be through likes, retweets, or follows.

Community managers continue to take on more important roles as new and powerful social networks become a force on the web. Pinterest and Instagram are two examples of networks which are both new and widely popular.

If a company’s social media campaign is successful, its sites may be self-sustaining and the work load may not be that much. A good set up on the site is necessary, such as an informative Facebook page, queued up Tweets, or clear application instructions. This will also require the development of a policy for posting content, which should be worked out between the company’s superiors, PR managers, and the community manager.

If a company’s social media campaign is not as successful, the community manager will be less tied up with answering comments and tweets, but will be occupied with developing more engaging material to post and create a strategy for increased engagement.

Another important task of the community manager is to inform followers of company updates. This may include the release of new items, the introduction of new features, and news clips about the company. In order to do this efficiently, the community manager is responsible for constantly scanning news feeds for interesting and relevant media posts. Successful postings lead to an increase in user engagement and interaction, which makes the page more popular. The manager is then responsible for taking feedback flow information and reporting it to the superiors for further evaluation.

Lastly, a community manager needs to track. They need to report on growth across social media, engagement trends, new learnings, and overall ROI. A community manager is managing the community on social networks, so they need to be fully aware of how performance is fluctuating over time.

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