What can you eliminate from your resume

Writing a resume can be a difficult task. There are plenty of do’s and don’ts for a resume. One thing to keep in mind is resumes should typically be one page but there are some exceptions. Many people always wonder what they can eliminate on their resume.

First tip: Eliminate keywords

There are plenty of overused keywords that most hiring managers do not like to see. The problem with these words is that they mask your real accomplishments. You might be “experienced,” but what does that actually mean? What are you experienced in? You need to avoid these vague words and instead demonstrate your work ethic and accomplishments with specific examples.

Some keywords to avoid:

Responsible for
Team player
Problem solver

Second tip: Eliminate certain job positions

Some people have an extensive work history. Some are relevant to the job position they are applying to and some are not. You should list the most recent job positions and job positions that are relevant to the position you are applying to.

Third tip: Eliminate objective statement

Many people tend to add an objective statement to your resume. Typically, it is not necessary on resumes. They are used more for situational use rather than as a standard requirement. The objective statements are used more for entry-level workers because they typically do not have an extensive work history so they have to clearly define their career goals.

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