Using Twitter To Find Companies Hiring

Twitter is an amazing resource which is of course free as well. Individuals and companies publish Tweets each day updating the world with what is currently on their mind. And while in the old days of the web, companies would go through more traditional ways to notify the world that they are hiring, often today, they send out the notifications through Twitter.

The first thing any job seeker should do - is follow the Twitter account for the companies that you want to work for. If your dream is to work for Nike - you should follow @nike. To find the Twitter account for a company, just go to Google and search for Company Name on Twitter. You may also want to narrow down your search, and search for Company Name Careers on Twitter. Sometimes, you'll find a specialized company feed focused on careers. For instance, you can follow @GoogleJobs on Twitter to learn about job opportunities and job news from Google. You can even send a Tweet to @googlejobs and they from time to time will respond and answer the specific job related question that you have.

Other accounts you should follow are people who work at a specific company in the department you'd be interested in. So, if you are looking to work in tech for Facebook - you should try and follow Facebook's CTO. If your goal is to work in marketing for a Fortune 500 company, identify the VP of marketing for as many companies as you can, and try and locate their Twitter page. TO do this, simply go to the company about page, and search for the profiles of key employees at the company. Then search Twitter for Persons Name on Twitter, and you will find the Twitter feed of the person that you are looking for.

another way to find people to follow who work for a specific company is to search Twellow. Twellow offers a profile search of people on Twitter - so if you enter Microsoft, you will be able to see people who have the keyword Microsoft in their profile. Often times, people will list the company they work for in their Twitter profile, so you can then begin to follow people working at a company you are interested in. And by following people at companies that interest you - you will give yourself a chance to be the first to know when these companies Tweet out job opportunities.

The other advantage to following companies and people who work for companies is that you can communicate directly with them. Either through a direct message or by mentioning them on Twitter, you can strike up a conversation so that you can stand out in the crowd. Building a network through Twitter can be a very effective strategy and many people aren't doing it aggressively, so it can help you to make a connection.

Also keep in mind that companies want to hire employees whom have demonstrated a passion and interest in their company, so by following them on Twitter, you will show that you have interest. Plus, since social media is a new form of communication, you will also show companies that you are savvy when it comes to social media marketing and networking - which are skills that companies are looking for in individuals.

So, activate your job search, don't sit around and wait for the company to find you - go out and put yourself in front of them. Social media can help to break down barriers as you can form a bond with a company or an employee at a company without ever leaving your house or picking up the telephone. And when it comes to finding companies hiring, it can be very helpful to be one of the first to know. So when a company Tweets out its job openings, you can jump on the opportunity quickly and efficiently to give yourself the best possible chance of getting hired.

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