Using A Personal Logo On A Resume

Using graphics can add that extra touch to get your resume noticed. Especially when applying for a position in a creative field, graphics can set you above the rest. Fashion designers, graphic designers, animators, and artists usually do not follow the black and white resume trend. When applying for these creative jobs, consider a number of ways to make your resume special. Use decorative or colored paper, but make sure that your text is still clear to read over the background. You can use images on your resume to highlight your accomplishments as a photographer, animator, or the like.

For more traditional, formal resumes, logos and decoration should be subtler. The header can include a dash of color or a different font. Bullets don’t need to be the typical solid dot. Instead, use a pencil icon if you are applying for a teaching job or a computer mouse if you want to work in IT. Some professional certification boards allow for their logos to be used on resumes, so this could highlight your skills. Charts as well could organize your resume in a creative and unusual way. Graphics are less acceptable in formal resumes than in creative resumes, so choose wisely. A small touch of creativity can be beneficial, but too much will make your resume unreadable.

A new trend is developing a personal logo to go in the header next to your name. For example, a person may create their own logo using their initials and place it in the top right corner of page. This extra touch can add style and personality to your application. Think about what your personal logo means before you place it on the top of your resume though. It should not just be there for the sake of style, but if it better represents your personality, then it can be a fun way for your employer to get to know you and remember you. This way you can easily brand yourself, using that logo on all your social media and networking sites.

If you choose to use graphics and logos in your resume though, then be aware of the hazards. Use it wisely and strategically so that your resume better markets your skills. Don’t add pictures just for the sake of it. Too much of them will make your resume look sloppy and childish. You should be aware of your audience as well. Perhaps one employer would appreciate graphics, while another would not. Try to target your resume to the audience, which may require you to have several resumes that are formatted differently. Finally, adding too many graphics will increase your file size. They also may not translate correctly when sent electronically. An oversized file will take longer to open, so an employer may disregard your application based on the extra time or effort it takes to open. But in general, a tasteful choice of graphics can add the final touch to your application.

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