Tips For Getting Job Interviews

The best tip to getting a job interview is to improve that resume. Make sure that there are no errors because that quickly disqualifies you from the running. Fill your descriptions with accomplishments, rather than generic job descriptions. Most managers spend about 35-45 seconds reading a resume, so you need to make your resume stand out in that short period of time.

Once you’ve made it readable, make it noticeable. Almost every resume that gets sent in is white, cream, or gray. Choose a different pale color that sticks out from the pile. You should obviously not choose a hot pink, but a professional and unusual color could get you noticed in a good way. Resumes also usually come on a standard size paper. If you change the paper size just slightly, it will stick out of the pile. That pesky extra inch is guaranteed to make the employer take a second look at your resume.

Alright, so you’ve gotten your resume noticed. You’ve gotten it read. With the ease of search engines, potential employers are bound to Google your claims. Don’t make any false claims on your resume because the Internet makes it easy to check. Put your name and resume on social networks like Linkedin. This will allow you to contact numerous employers and get your name out. At the same time, it may be a good idea to double-check your Facebook profile and other online resources that could discourage an employer to call you in for an interview. You don’t want to lose a job just because of some unprofessional pictures on your profile. If all else fails, make a Youtube video. It’s a free way to brand yourself, and it’s free publicity. One unemployed, newly graduate gained quite a bit of publicity in 2009 after he made a musical video where he creatively sang his resume and cover letter.

Finally, networking is not to be overlooked. People feel more comfortable hiring people they know, so take advantage of friends in the business. Employers also like proactive candidates. Send out emails to people in a company you are interested in. In your cover letter, finish with a promise of action, such as “I will follow up with you next week, but you can contact me at 555-555-5555.” Then follow up with all of your inquiries if you have not heard back from them within five business days. If nothing else, ask for advice about how to break into the industry. They may not have a job for you, but they might give you referrals or good advice. Many soon-to-be-graduates find it helpful to contact companies before they are looking for a job. The employer is likely to offer advice and it serves as a good networking tool when you are ready to ask for a job. Remind them that you spoke earlier that year, and they will likely be willing to help again. Most jobs are secured through networking, so you are at a disadvantage if you choose not to network.

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