Tips For Emailing A Resume

With new technology, most of the job search occurs online. Interviews can occur over video chats, applications are submitted online, and resumes are sent through emails. This is far less time consuming since the traditional constraints of schedules and distance used to draw out the job search process. Some important changes must take place to successfully navigate this online world of job hunting.

Your cover letter should go in the body of the email. Don’t ever send an attachment without a message because it will not be opened or the recruiter won’t know what job you are applying for. Don’t use your current work email either. Some companies monitor work email use, and it will not look professional to your potential employer either. Instead, create a separate email account for your job search. In the subject line of the email, include the title of the job that you are applying for. For example, state “Application for Sales Associate Position” rather than just “Employment” so that your email can be forwarded to the correct person.

Then, you can attach your resume to the email, but there are disadvantages to this to consider. Recruiters are increasingly refusing to open attachments because of viruses. It is best to create a resume that can be copied and pasted into the body of the email in addition to the attached file. This alternate copy of your resume will obviously not look as good as your hard copy, but it will at least get read.

The cover letter should be separated from the resume by a line at the bottom. Keep a simple format for the resume in the body of email. Use the same font type and font size, and keep the text alignment on the left for the entire email. Spaces and tabs should not be used because it will change the margins and look messy on different computers. Don’t use bold, italics, underlines, or colored font. These enhancements may not be standard on different computers, which will make your resume hard to read. If you want to emphasize a header, then use capitalization instead. For example, write WORK EXPERIENCE in all caps in order to initiate a new category.

Even though some employers won’t open the attachment, it is a good idea to attach another properly formatted copy anyways. Word documents do not open correctly on all computers, so attach a PDF version to ensure correct formatting. Also, include your name in the file name, such as “JohnDoeResume.” Attaching the file gives the recruiter the option to print it out if he or she wishes. Employers will generally print out a hard copy if you are chosen for an interview, and the attachment will be easier to read on paper than the text only version.

Before you email your resume to every potential employer, you should make sure that there are no technical problems. Email it to a different one of your email accounts and to a couple of friends. You should be sure that it opens correctly on different computers, browsers, and email accounts. If the spacing and lines are messed up, then your resume will be unreadable and employers will not spend extra time trying to decipher your email when other applications are easy to read.

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