Tips and Tricks To Teach Employers About Social Media

When you get into an interview, one way to really make yourself stand out is to show off your knowledge. And social media, gives you an opportunity to do this.

Remember, social media is new, its the next generation. Much of corporate America is extremely behind in terms of experience, knowledge, and ideas when it comes to social media. If you can demonstrate some expertise in regards to social media - you will make yourself look better in front of your potential future employer. Also, when you get hired, if you can show your boss or marketing department some cool social media tips - it will be a great way to start a new job.

As for the tips you can teach to an employer, there are many. The first thing you should do is focus on the social network that you are most familiar with. If you love, Facebook, then try and talk about Facebook tips. If you have a huge following on Twitter, you could tell your employer about some Twitter strategies. If you have took a liking to the new hot social network Pinterest, you can impress the person interviewing you or your new boss by demonstrating your Pinterest skills. There are of course other social networks as well - which the company you are interested in has never heard of - so this is new knowledge and energy that you are bringing to the table so it can be beneficial to be vocal about it.

Once you have determined the area in which you plan on giving tips, you should prepare a few relevant and simple things to mention. You don't want to overwhelm someone with a complicated idea which is unlikely to get implemented. You should have sharp and helpful tips which have worked for you in the past or which you have been told could work really well. By preparing in advance - you'll present your ideas in a much more constructive and professional way.

Here are some examples of tips that you could lend to an employer about different social networks. Of course, there are hundreds of tips that can be suggested, and a tip for one company may not be as relevant for the other company, so factor in your audience before coming up with ideas.

For Facebook, your tips could be about the best posting strategies for Fan pages. As we have learned, with Facebook Edge Rank, regardless of how many likes a Fan page, has the user will only see the content if it is relevant and engaging. So it is extremely important for Facebook posts to be of interest to the users. The more interesting, the more Likes that the post will get, and if it gets more Likes, it is more Likely that others will see the post. Furthermore, if an individual user Likes a given post, that they are much less likely to see future posts from the brand. So, Facebook fan page owners have to post relevant and targeted updates, which foster engagement, and this is a tip that any Facebook marketer must grasp.

For Twitter, the key is to let people know that there is a real person behind the Tweets. When you post on Twitter, it is a form of one way communication in that you don't have to read what others are saying for them to read what you are saying. This causes many people to fall into a trap whereby they will keep sending out status updates and links without ever responding to followers. You need to look for mentions of your Twitter page, and respond to people who ask questions or make comments. When your followers see you doing this - they will continue to engage with you which will result in other people following you. So, on Twitter, be sure to remember that you do have an audience and that you must let them know that you are listening.

For Pinterest, it is important to have the URL of your Pins drive traffic back to your site. When people click on a photo, it opens up to a bigger size of your photo, and then if you click on it again, it takes you to the destination page of the photo. In instances in which it is doable, you should try and ensure that the photo destination page is a webpage that you want to send traffic too. This can help you to drive Pinterest traffic back to your site.

Those are of course just a few ideas. The key is to identify the social network that you have passion for, and then demonstrate that passion in your interview or during your first day of work.

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