The Job Search Doesn't End Till You Accept The Offer

So, you have been looking for a job for months, and today you got your offer letter. Even if this is a company that you are considering working for – it doesn’t mean your job search has ended.

It is important that you read the offer letter carefully to understand the position being offered and the compensation package. You should also identify what if any benefits are included with the offer. In addition, you should ensure that the start dates are well aligned with what you are able to do.

When you get an offer, you may also want to get in touch with other companies whom you have been in contact with. You can now tell the company that you are about to accept another offer, which may give them the push they need to make the offer to you. Once you have an offer, you now have leverage, and you can use this leverage to force other companies, whom are considering you, into a decision.

You also may want to consider negotiating with the company who gave you an offer. Once you accept a job, you may get into the process whereby you get a raise every year, at a certain percentage. Before accepting an offer, you can offer get a much bigger raise than you can once you are already working at a firm.

Of course there is some risk to all of this, especially trying to re-negotiate. Because until you accept the offer the company may be able to rescind the offer. So, you certainly have a lot to consider and factor in once you get the offer.

Regardless of how you decide to proceed, just keep in mind that until you actually accept the offer, your job search in essence is not over. So, make sure you stay alert and involved with the process until the offer is agreed to and accepted by both parties.

And of course, once you do start with a company, while your job search may be over, you never know when you will be back in job search mode again. It is important to keep organized notes of your contacts and the companies you were in touch with when you were in job search mode. You can always, from time to time, keep in touch with some of those contacts so that they recognize who you are ever on the job hunt again.

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