TCS interview

The TCS selection process involves aptitude test,technical interview, managerial interview and hr(or group discussion).

I think TCS has now dispensed with verbal reasoning questions. We had only quantitative aptitude questions. Questions mainly included age problems, probability, permutation and combination, average velocity, ratios and proportions, basic mathematical formulas (like (a+b)^2), relation problems(like if this man in the photo is my father's grandson, then who's he to me? etc). A major part of each question was unnecessary data. So be quick to identify what they are asking.

Technical interview from EC branch.

1.Introduce yourself.
2.What is the configuration of your PC?(mainly the memory details of the hard disc,RAM etc)
3.OOPs concepts?
4.Write program to sort some elements.
5.How can you swap the values in two variables without using a temporary variable?
6.What are constructors?
7.What happens if we are not using destructors?
8.What are flipflops, registers, memory?
9.different types of networks?
10.What do you mean by a protocol?

The managerial interview may include technical questions also.

1.Introduce yourself.
2.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
3.What does it take to reach there?
4.What are the recent developments in the IT field?
5.Difference between latches and flipflops?
6.A mobile is placed exactly on the line dividing two cells with equal distance from the two towers. From which tower will it receive signals? (the answer is, it will receive signals from the tower from which it moved to the present location)

The third round for us was group discussion due to time limitation. The topic was the Women's Reservation Bill. Be prepared with a good introduction of yourself as it is asked in all the 3 rounds. Simply speak up even if what you are saying is a bit silly. A tied tongue doesn't serve the purpose.

They are all very cool people. Be calm. Wish you all the best. My prayers are with you. See you at TCS. :)

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Oct 28, 2015
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by: Ashton Belt

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