You Need to Target Everything

The word "TARGET" is the Most Vital Job-Search Word
You Will Ever Learn
There are many things in a job-search you must TARGET if you are going to be successful getting the job you want. Each one will be explained in detail so that you understand all of the information you need so you can approach each aspect of the search process with confidence.

You deserve success

Of the multi-facets of searching for the best job, you have to determine how best to find the right job with:

target the job, job target

  • a targeted career path
  • a targeted set of employers
  • a targeted resume
    1. format
    2. objective
    3. language (keywords)
    4. education
    5. experience
  • a targeted cover letter

Are you starting to see a trend here?


According to, "A targeted resume is used to focus your resume toward a specific career objective, performed in a specific industry, and for a specific company. The content of a targeted resume is written to highlight the skills, qualifications, and experience that match the requirements of your job target."

Everything that is a part of the job search process is used to target the right job for you.

How do you target your career path? First, read this article titled, "Career Philosophy". It helps explain the importance of choosing a career that fits with your values and goals. Knowing who you are and what means the most to you is a true benefit when determining what career to choose. Next, read: Career Planning Choices. It will provide you with a clear understanding of what you are looking for in an employer. A variety of questions will help you clarify the importance of certain ideas and concepts and how they relate to your happiness on the job. Employers are not created equal after all.

Applying this kind of valuable information to your situation can make a huge difference in how you approach the future – YOUR future.

The reason that articles such as these offer such wonderful benefits is that they are based on YOU, YOUR NEEDS and YOUR GOALS. If you are going to be able to recognize which career path best suits your needs and goals, then you have to put some thought into it. The same holds true for selecting the best employer(s) to target with your resume.

The resume itself is an interesting and complex beast. Not only do you have to choose the best format for the resume, but then you have to target the information within the resume (such as which sections are listed at the top of the page, etc.) It can (and should) require a lot of thought. Well, that is if you want to do it well.

As if that isn't enough, then you have to determine what gets listed first within each section of the resume. That is a lot of prioritizing.

BUT – It is necessary

Once you have your resume glowing with style and energy, you can then focus on the cover letter. As you may have read before (here on this site), once you have gone through the process of writing the resume, the cover letter is a much easier task to tackle. That is because you have already gone through all the steps above and are familiar with each aspect of the job-search process and how you intend to target it.

To better understand how to write a cover letter, check out these two sources: Cover Letters that Excite AND The Cover Letter Guideline

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target the job, job target, target the resume

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