Suitable Attire

How important is it to wear suitable attire
to an interview?

Picture a young lady walking into the reception area of an accounting firm dressed in a navy blue business suit. She gives her name to the receptionist and takes a seat next to a man about her same age. He's dressed in a pair of khaki slacks and a polo-style shirt. They are both interviewing for the same position.

As they interact in a polite conversation to pass the time and head off the nervousness they feel, the young man begins to feel less and less comfortable. His current employer, Eastern Automotive, has a casual dress policy, thus his choice of clothing this morning. He didn't think about the possibility that other organizations still dress very conservatively and professionally.

By the time the young man is called in for his interview, his confidence is shaken. He becomes withdrawn and his energy level drops. He is having difficulty even focusing on the meeting about to take place.

Wearing appropriate attire is important in many situations and the employment interview is clearly one of those critical times. Not only do your clothes portray you, but they can also give you an added boost of self-esteem and confidence. When faced with daunting questions in a challenging setting, any help at all is very beneficial.

What do your clothes reveal about you?

In a job interview setting, your choice of clothing depicts your care and concern for yourself, your attention to detail and your willingness to do what it takes to get the job done – in this case, get a job offer.

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If you are not eager to fit in with the corporate culture at the time of the interview, the hiring manager will assume you will be reluctant to try to fit in once you are hired.

There are no simple rules to follow when considering what to wear to an interview. A lot depends upon the industry in which you are planning to work. Even then, the basic expectations for the ideal clothing style varies from employer to employer.

The best approach to take is dress more professionally and conservatively than you think you would have to on a day to day basis. For instance, if you are a dog groomer working in a pet shop or for a vet, you can expect to wear jeans and a t-shirt most days. You will not likely be interacting with the public, so your clothing style will be very casual.

When interviewing for a position of this kind, though, it would be appropriate to dress in casual slacks and a nice shirt or blouse with polished shoes and little or no jewelry. Always step your attire up a notch or two for the interview.

Whether you like it or not, the truth of wearing suitable attire is that you are treated better when you dress professionally. So, dress appropriately and enjoy the extra boost of confidence it brings. Not only will you likely perform better in the interview, you will also make a statement about the importance you place on the employer, the position and even yourself.

Suitable Attire Leads to Interview Success

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