Store Manager Resume

When applying for a position as store manager, essential things that a resume should display are your various leadership, interpersonal communication, and designation skills. Furthermore, providing all relative field experience including positions and tasks should be exhibited as well. Including recognitions and awards are also a great way to include some insight about how you deserve the job and how your personality and characteristics could improve the performance of the store at hand.

Mary Manorwa
1233 Legend Ave, Burbank CA 91233

Professional Overview
24 years of staff managerial experience, store productivity analysis, and staff task allocation
Recognition of increasing various stores performances to #1 and #2 in sales and customer satisfaction district wide
Excellent communication skills, providing presentations and organizing staff meetings to increase efficiency and provide cohesion amongst members of the store.

University of California Irvine—Irvine CA
Bachelors Degree in Business 2002

Computers: MS Office ( Excel, Word, PowerPoint), Adobe Photoshop
Foreign Language: Spanish

Professional Experience
Kroger Store Manager—Irvine CA 2007 to Present
Recognition in increasing performance and sales to levels of #1 and #2 in store since 2001.
Excellent building and motivating management skills that perpetuate cohesion and an enjoyable job experience.
Led multiple store meetings and allocated specific topics regarding various performance related tasks.
Awarded Manager of the year for 2008 and 2009, being recognized as a key proprietor to the companies increase in sales.
CVS Store Manager- Beverly Hills CA 2003- 2007
Responsible for increasing overall customer satisfaction in stores by 25% in a single year.
Increased staff efficiency and provided a better work environment.
Awarded Manager of the year for 2005,2006, and 2007

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