Social Media Salary Expectations

With social media jobs being an up and coming career discipline, the salaries are continuing to rise and rise. For the several different job functions performed within social media, you can expect to benefit from great pay and exciting work.

Here is some further information on salary ranges that come with different job titles in social media.

As you might expect, the vast majority of social media jobs are in New York City, and Silicon Valley. There is also a growing amount of social media positions opening up in Los Angeles.

The titles of Jobs vary significantly. Often different titles don't mean different work as many of the jobs have titles which involve a variety of work. Some of the more popular titles are social media specialist, social media strategist, social media manager, community manager, and content writer.

The amount you can expect to earn of course depends on the experience level you have and the importance of the work that you'll be doing. If you are a content writer, you can expect an entry-level salary in the range of $30k - $50k. If you are a specialist, or if you manage a social community, you should make somewhere between $40k - $70k.

When you start to plan the social media strategy, your pay increases drastically. You can expect to command between $50k and $90k if you are responsible for the ideas behind how a social media marketing plan is incorporated. Similar pay comes with a social media manager, as you are responsible for the planning and implementation of the specific brands social media.

Many people are doing social media consulting, and building up small monthly fees from a handful of brands to manage their social media. Others are going to corporate America, to bring passion, excitement, and new energy on the social media front to established businesses.

Either way, there is money to be made, and if history is an indicator, the salary ranges and job opportunities should continue to increase in the foreseeable future.

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