Social Media Manager Resume

Here below is a resume for a social media manager. This can be used as a guide for those looking to tailor their resume to help them break into this exciting new field.

Linda Tatum
456 20th Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Professional Overview
Excellent communication and writing skills.
Keep the company updated with the new technologies and constantly doing research on how to maximize new social media sites.
Have intimate, close working relationship with the clients to design better, unique campaigns.

Professional Experiences:
FGH Group: 2010-Present
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Advertising Executive
Supervised and oversaw the circulation of Product X in the market.
Collaborate with the Digital Media Department to create commercials and magazines ads for Product X.

FGH Group: 2005-2010
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Advertising Sales Coordinator
Helped create and keep sales strategies for the sales committee. Research on potential clients and sales opportunities.
Act as the primary coordinator with the sales committee members and the clients.
Act as the liaison between the sales department and advertising agencies.

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
B.A. in Business and Administration
Class of 2005

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