Social Media Companies To Target

The best way to get experience with social media is to work in it. It is a rising field, and by working for a company in the space, you can ride the wave. Social media companies are awesome to work for not only because they look good on your resume, but also because they offer the chance for great growth. Take for example that famous story about the guy who painted Facebook's office. He was offered the chance to take cash or stock, and he chose stock. The decision was certainly a wise one, as his stock climbed all the way up to a $200 million valuation. Granted, this is an extreme example, but it nevertheless is an example of someone who worked in social media early, on and benefited greatly. If you can target the right company and get it while it is still growing, your rewards could be larger that just great experience.

Here below are 11 social media companies to target. If they are in your area - you should contact them to see if they'd be hiring for a position that you'd be a good fit for. If they are not in your area, but if you would consider relocating, it may be a move that you will look back on and be thankful for.

Here is the list of 11 consumer based social networks and social media companies which you can target in your job search:

1) Facebook

Facebook has taken the internet by storm. It won't be long before 1 billion people are on Facebook. The leading social network is growing fast, and its employee head count is going to continue to rise. Facebook also continues to open up offices in cities across the US - so if you can get a job here, you probably should take it.

2) Twitter

Twitter is the microblogging service which truly has changed the world. Governments which had withstood the test of time have been overthrown as a result of Twitter.

Egypt, for instance, was changed forever, for the good, as a result of Twitter. This company isn't yet profitable which concerns investors, however, Twitter has a boatload of cash and the service continues to rise in popularity. It would be an outstanding company to get experience at, and the company still has a long road ahead meaning there will be growth opportunities for you.

3) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social network for professionals, and it is a great place to start your job search. It is also a great company to work for. It just went public, adding some stability to a site which has been able to carve out a unique and important niche for itself within the social media landscape.

4) Pinterest

At the beginning of 2012, Pinterest established itself as the hot new social network. Pinterest is a lot like Twitter, however instead of sharing 140 text based messaged, users share pictures. In one year, the site went from not being known, to being one of the top 15 most highest trafficked sites on the internet. If you are able to land a job with this company, it should be one wild ride.

5) Groupon

Groupon of course is a daily deal site, however there is a ton of reasons why the company has been called a social network. For one, deals aren't given out to customers until a certain amount of people sign up for it. Groupon has gone public, and it has re-invented only commerce. Several other companies have entered the daily deal space however Groupon is the clear leader. If you are able to get a job with this company, you may end up working for them for a very long time as Groupon is clearly here to stay.

6) Living Social

Living Social also competes in the daily deal space. The company has emerged as #2 in daily deals before Groupon, but that certainly doesn't mean it is very shabby.

Living Social is part owned by which not only makes it stable, but it gives it access to outstanding offers such as the famous Gap offer that was an internet sensation. Living Social is an extremely fun and exciting company, and it would be a wise career move for many.

7) Mashable

Mashable is the established newspaper for the social media industry. Each day, Mashable publishes stories on what is happening with the key companies in the industry. By working at Mashable, you are guaranteed to learn a ton about social media - especially when you consider that you may be writing or researching stories about key companies, deals, news, and people in the industry.

8) Reddit

Reddit takes all of the stories being passed around on social networks, and it ranks which story is the hottest right now. Users love this as they can see the news from the users perspective, and Reddit loves this because its traffic continues to climb. This would be an amazing company to work for as it is still relatively small and the company is innovating in very exciting ways.

9) Instagram

Instagam is a small company doing awesome things in social media. The company makes it easy and simple for users to share photos across the social web. In early 2011 no one had ever heard of Instagram, but now, it is part of many internet users everyday lives. In April of 2012, Facebook announced that it would be purchasing Instagram for $1 billion, proving once again, that social media is here to stay.

10) Foursquare

One of the hottest social media companies in 2011 was Foursquare. The service lets users check into a location via GPS - alerting others that they are at a location.

Foursquare then gave badges to the people who most frequently visited an establishment, making them the Mayor of the place. While Foursquare has competition from Facebook and other check-in companies, it remains the largest independent location based service on the web. The company has been around for a while in the world of social media, and it would be a great company to work for.

11) Google

When it comes to social media, most people don't think of Google. However, with the launch of Google+ - Google has made its bet on social media for the future. In fact the CEO of Google has went as far as to say that how Google performs in social will determine the future of the company. So, with Google clearly betting on social, if you are able to get hired with this company, you are going to get social media experience while working for one of the most successful companies in history.

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