Singing Career

So you think you can sing? While your talent may exceptional, it is important to note that having a singing career is growing to be very difficult in today’s world. In all parts of the music industry, there has been dramatic change from the old model and the old ways of doing things. A few decades ago, a successful singing career required recording a demo tape, pitching it to a manager or label and going from there. While this was not easy back then, it is certainly not any easier today. The internet, and sites such as Youtube and Facebook, has opened up a new, more direct way of channeling music directly to fan’s ears. The result has been a more self-starting approach to music careers.

The new path to a successful singing career is characterized by the increased use of technology to supplement the tried and true methods of yesteryear. There have been various recent artists that have gained a large following and record deals by promoting their own music through the internet. Using social media websites and creating videos that help increase your exposure are pivotal. The internet is the easiest and most cost effective way to create a buzz for you. Some of the basics should still be followed though, because all of the self-promotion and use of social media sites in the world cannot jump start your singing career, unless you have the voice to back it up. As with any musical instrument, it is important to always practice and improve your trade. This can be done by getting small gigs, singing at open-mic nights, or just singing to your friends and family.

Following these steps may be the difference that makes you stand out to music executives. A well established, musical self-starter can gain a one-album contract with a major label, or they can express interest in developing your talents. If this does not happen, the internet can again be helpful. There are a variety of websites that allow for artists to not only post a few songs, but entire albums. Though available for free at first, successful internet albums and songs can be re-released and sold for profit. A large following of loyal fans may also help financially support you through donations.

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