Should your resume include contact info about your Facebook page

In our world today, social media, personal websites and email are a huge part of our lives. While one is writing their resume, they wonder if they should consider including social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter in their resumes. If you consider how much time an average person these days spends on social media, it seems appropriate to advertise it on their resume. If you are applying to a job specifically correlated to social media, adding Facebook and Twitter would be a great idea. It shows that you already have some experience in the social media industry.

However, if you’re applying to a position that does not deal with social media then I would suggest leaving Facebook and Twitter out.

Unless the social networking site you want to put on your resume is geared toward professional networking like LinkedIn, I would suggest keeping it off your resume. Facebook pages tend to have a lot of personal information and pictures on there that many may not want employers to see. However, some employers might like to review your Facebook to see if you’re a good fit for the company. Bottom line is, it really depends on the position you are applying to. If you feel it is a good addition to your resume then go for it.

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