Should you include your interests in your resume

There have been plenty of debates on whether or not one should include their interests/hobbies in their resume. Some argue that information not relevant to the job position or having to do with your professional experience is irrelevant and useless. Others argue that it might generate interest to the hiring manager and it adds a personal touch to your resume.

The main goal of your resume is to present yourself as a qualified candidate for the position. Make sure you have all your relevant work experience on your resume and if you have room to fill on your resume you can add your interests or hobbies. Your hobbies and interests should not take up half the page on your resume.

You do not want your hiring manager wondering whether you do anything besides your hobbies. Adding your hobbies and interests won’t hurt your resume. One of the benefits by adding your interests and hobbies on your resume is that you might spark the interests of the hiring manager and your name might stick to their memory as they are making calls to applicants for an interview.

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