Should you include your GPA in your resume

The decision of whether or not to include your GPA in your resume can be a difficult one. Many people feel it is presumptuous or even conceded to include a GPA in the resume. On the other hand, many others feel like it can differentiate themselves and they also feel that a resume is incomplete without the GPA.

The good news for job seekers is that including a GPA is rarely if ever mandatory. Your resume should not be considered in-complete if your GPA isn’t on it. Some employers may ask for your GPA, and at that time, you can include it. So, with the decision clearly in your hands, you need to consider how your resume would best be portrayed.

If you slacked off and received C’s in college – it is probably not wise to include a 2.2 GPA on your resume. At the same time, if you were a straight A student – and you had a 3.9 GPA – then it most certainly can make you stand out. Another common practice is for people to also include their major GPA on their resume. Many students excel once they are able to take classes in their major – so if your major GPA is good – you can display that alongside your overall GPA. Especially in instances when your major is directly related to your job type – when it is – including it can be rewarding for yourself.

Everyone knows that college was in the past and that there are reasons why some don’t excel in college. So, a general rule is that having a great college GPA can help you – but having a poor one usually can’t hurt you.

When applying to grad schools, GPA can take added wait – but in the job market – it is usually more important how well you interview and what direct experience you have for a specific job.

Graduating from college or graduate school is a major accomplishment – so hopefully this will help to give you the confidence you need to present yourself as best as possible both on your resume and when you interview with a potential employer.

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