Sample Interview Questions For A Receptionist

The receptionist is one of the most important employees in an office. They are the ones to make the first impression on clients, either on the phone or in the office. When interviewing, employers are looking for candidates who perform well under stress and who have the necessary communication skills for the position.

Why do you want to be a receptionist?

In order to answer this question, emphasize how you are qualified for the job and not just why you want the job. For example: “I’ve been a receptionist before, and I love the challenge. I like working with people, I’m very organized, and I’m able to multi-task in high-pressure environments.”

How would you deal with a client who yells at you for something that you did not do?

As a receptionist, you can never throw someone else in the office under the bus. Take ownership of the problem and find a solution, even if it was not your mistake. Once again, your answer to this question is an appropriate time to show your potential employer that you can handle stress well. You could respond to this question by saying something like the following: “I never take situations like that personally. The most important part is to respond in a calm manner and show the client that you care. Then, I would find a solution to the problem.”

What would you do if someone asked you a question you did not know the answer of?

A safe answer is that you would admit you didn’t know, but then go to your supervisor to find out the answer. To ace this question though, stress the point that you are eager to learn about the company, so you hope that this situation rarely if ever occurs. Interest in the company makes you look dedicated to the job.

What is the most important skill for a receptionist?

Attitude is the number one quality of a good receptionist. As the face of the company, receptionists are the first people clients and customers come in contact with. It is important for a receptionist to greet people in a friendly manner and to keep a positive attitude in all situations.

Did you find yourself in stressful situations in your last job? If so, how did you deal with it?

Be honest, and say how you would handle situations differently to prevent past issues. Your interviewer wants to know how well you deal with day-to-day stress. After a specific past example, you could say that you enjoyed each job and every challenge, but you found ways to release the stress on your days off with physical activities and relaxing weekends.

What programs are you familiar with?

There should already be a complete list on your resume, but re-iterate the programs that you know. Then, you could finish by saying “But I’m a fast learner, so I would learn any new software the office needs.”

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