Salary Range for Out of College Jobs

Nationally, college graduates have a reputation of receiving relatively low salaries when they get a job right out of college. However, with years of experience their salaries are likely to rise. On average, recent college graduates with a bachelor’s degree are offered a salary which ranges from about $46,000 to $50,000 a year. Of course, salaries fluctuate over time and depend on the type of job/industry, company, the student’s experience, degree/major, and job location. Some college graduates make far below the average income during their first few years of working right out of college. Some majors offer more luck to students because the average salaries have risen. It is useful to know how much college graduates are paid at entry level positions because this information may help you decide which field to go into. Here is some information about the average starting salaries according to the discipline/major and degree (the numbers are estimated and rounded).

Business majors had their average salary rise to about $48,000. Accounting and finance majors also have starting salaries that range from $49,000 to $50,000. Graduates from the business administration and management majors, on the other hand, have a lower starting salary of about $44,000. Marketing majors also had a lower starting salary of close to $42,000 and those who are involved in sales are offered about $65,200 when starting with only a bachelor’s degree. Moreover, computer science majors have a starting salary that ranges from around $59,000 to $62,000. On the other hand, those in the social science majors are offered lower starting salaries than the other fields mentioned. On average, history majors have a salary of $38,000. English and psychology students who graduate are paid starting about $34,000 a year. Lastly, sociology major students are offered nearly $33,000.

Engineering students all together make an average of $59,000, while electrical and mechanical engineers receive a starting salary of $61,600 and $60,500, respectively. Chemical engineering graduates start with a higher salary of about $64,600, while civil engineers make the lowest among this category with a starting salary of $48,800. Furthermore, liberal arts majors collectively make an average of $35-36,000. Those who work in the marketing industry right out of college reported making about $43,000 at entry level. Also, note that college graduates who graduate with a degree higher than a bachelor’s degree usually receive higher starting salaries than those with less schooling. If you want a career that offers a high salary at starting level, consider becoming an information technology specialist. They make a starting salary of $65,000 annually. As you can see, the engineering and business majors are offered relatively high salaries for starting positions. You might want to keep these careers in mind when choosing a major or career. Money is not the most important component in finding the right career for your life. You should pursue something that makes you feel accomplished and passionate while you can afford a comfortable life style as well.

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