Retail Interview Answers

Though there are plenty of retail jobs that exist because there are many businesses that exist, the employers screen for people who are actually capable of making sales. This is why adequate preparation is necessary for such an interview. Remember, if you are able to sell yourself effectively to the employer, they will see it as a sign that you can effectively sell their products to customers as well. Listed below are five questions typically asked during interviews for a retail position. Each question is followed by guidelines you must adhere to in order to respond to the question successfully.

1) Are you able to work effectively in a team?

The best way to answer this question is to address both possible answers by:

-Explaining that you are able to work with other employees and share in the effort to make a sale (especially if you are in a position that is commission-based)
-Expressing that you can be independent in your work and you are not necessarily dependent on others to carry out general tasks

2) What is the process you take in helping to familiarize yourself with the products you are selling?

You should probably try to memorize a short list of steps to demonstrate that you do make the effort to learn about the product before selling it. Steps may include:

-Knowing its history and/or origins (this is applicable from everything ranging from an antique lamp to cars to coffee beans)
-Having knowledge of what colors and styles complement the item (if product has to do with fashion or furniture)
-Tasting the product and being able to describe tastes and other flavors that complement it (if product has to do with food or beverage)
-Having knowledge of the item’s operations and washing instructions (if product is some type of appliance)

3) Why should we hire you for this position?

Here is where you must sell yourself to your employer by being able to:

-Relate the skills you currently have to the skills needed for the position -Explain how you are qualified for the position through educational background and previous work experiences
-Expand on how abilities that may seem irrelevant to the position can in actuality be useful
-Elaborate on how you can benefit the company as a whole and help it grow in its success

4) Why do you want to be in the retail industry?

It might be helpful to review the requirements of the job description to answer this question. You can:

-State that you are enthusiastic about learning tactics and strategies to getting the customer to buy your product
-Describe your passion for interacting with people and the pleasure you take in satisfying a customer
-Briefly touch upon how past work experiences have led you to this decision

5) Why do you want to work specifically for this company?

Here they are looking to see that you did your research on the company. You should:

-Use parts of the company’s mission statement in explaining why this company best serves as a foundation for your goals
- Prove your knowledge of some of the products that the company sells
- Speak of their success and good reputation

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