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Here are some tips for writing your resume. Resume Tips like these can help you achieve the success you deserve in your career.

Resume Tips: Special Insights

There are some things about resumes that don't often get considered. It is important when writing your resume that you think about what a it is, what it does and what a it cannot do. Sounds strange, doesn't it?

Think about this:

  • It is not a type of document that you can make once and forget about. You will update it from time to time as needed.
  • There is a directly proportional relationship between how a it looks and how much time you have spent working on it.
  • It is a marketing tool. It tells others about you and attempts to "sell" the employer on the idea that YOU are the best person for the position.
  • It is your best bet for getting hired – no matter what your field is.
  • If you don't spend your time NOW making yours the best it can be, you will either spend the time LATER working on it, or you will pay someone else (who doesn't know you) to write it for you.

Why is the resume SO important?

It is important because the employer has no idea who you are. It represents you. You can't be there to speak for yourself, so your resume has to do that in a clear and arousing way. Arousing? You want to arouse the employer's interest to the point that he/she makes a phone call to interview you.

That's the purpose of a resume!

It gives you an opportunity to meet the employer face to face. That's why it has to be a professional piece of work. It's not that writing a resume is hard. It isn't hard at all. When you have the right information, such as what is available on this site, you can present your own personal information in a way that makes YOU a person of interest to employers.
It just takes a little time.

A resume can either get your foot in the door or get a door closed in your face. Write the best one you can and you'll likely find yourself with your foot in several doors.

This is one resume tip you can't miss!

When you write your own resume, not only are you able to make the important decisions about what gets included and what does not, but there is a HUGE payoff when it comes time to interview. During the course of an interview, you will be asked a number of questions about your background. By taking the time to review your qualifications, you will be much better prepared for the interview. You will have the confidence that comes from being certain of your skills and abilities. This may be one of the best resume tips you ever read.

Here are a few additional resume tips to consider when writing your resume:

  1. Keep your statements to one or two sentences. Anything longer than that and the person reading your resume may lose interest.
  2. Effectively use the "white space" on your page. Guide the reader down the page, providing an occasional break for the eyes.
  3. Collect the information you need before actually writing the document itself. Do not "wing it". Prepare, plan, then place your accomplishments and such on paper.
  4. Your entire employment history does not need to be listed. Only note the most current positions you have held. Depending upon how much you have moved from job to job, that could be two employers or it could be five. Do not feel the need to re-create the last thirteen years on paper, though.
  5. Write professionally, avoiding jargon or slang.
  6. Revise, revise, revise. Make this piece of paper work for YOU.

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