Resume Tips For High School Students

Pay attention to these Resume Tips For High School Students and employers will pay attention to YOU

Whether you are a sophomore, junior or senior, you can truly benefit from these resume tips for high school students. You will learn how to create a resume that employers WANT to read. In addition, you will find out what job seekers, young and old, have to do to find that great job.

If you want to impress prospective employers, you have to have excellent credentials. Here are some excellent tips for creating the a resume sells your skills and accomplishments to employers.

Resume Tips for High School Students:
  1. Make sure you are include the main sections within your resume. Typically, they are: Heading, Objective, Education, Experience, Activities/Awards and References. Employers like to know where to find the information they are seeking. Choose a common resume format, such as: Chronological, Functional or Combination.
  2. Proofread everything until you are certain that your resume contains no mistakes. Also, have someone else read your resume in an effort to ensure it is free of errors. Typos and grammar mistakes are the first things an employer looks for when weeding out the good resumes from the bad ones.
  3. If you do not have any work experience, consider listing volunteer work and/or school-related experiences, such as laying out copy for a yearbook, tracking equipment for a sports team, creating programs for school event or something similar. Anything that might be considered a task associated with the work environment is fine to use on your resume.
  4. Accomplishments are probably the most important things you can list on a resume. This is true regardless of how old you are or how much experience you have. The reason is that accomplishments show that you worked hard, were involved and got things done.
These resume tips for high school students will not guarantee that you get a job immediately, but they will make it more likely that an employer will want to hire you than if you don't pay attention to them.

A resume is the one tool that can help you realize your future employment dreams. It does not matter if your first job is working at an ice cream shop or at a toy store. A good resume will lead you toward job success.

Think about this: Most employers are truly impressed with high school students who provide a resume when looking for a job. Imagine being the employer and two people apply for a job and one fills out an application and the other provides a resume. Who do you think is going to impress the employer the most?

If you want to find a great job, do what it takes to ensure you are looked at more favorably than your competitors. Lead the crowd by using the high school student resume tips listed above and make your career as fantastic as possible. You deserve the best, right?

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