The Resume Quiz

Take this Resume Quiz and find out what your RIQ is

What is your Resume Intelligence Quotient?

Ok, so this resume quiz isn't exactly science, but if you want to see what you have learned so far, take the test below.

The Quiz

1. What is a resume?

  • a. a love story
  • b. a job application
  • c. a marketing tool

2. What is more important in a resume?
  • a. your list of references
  • b. where you live
  • c. your skill set

3. How long does an employer scan a resume?
  • a. 5 minutes
  • b. 2 minutes
  • c. less than 1 minute
4. What is the resume objective statement?
  • a. job salary
  • b. job offer
  • c. job target

5. Who is the best person to write your resume?

  • a. a commercial resume service
  • b. your mom
  • c. You
6. How many revisions does a great resume go through?
  • a. 25
  • b. 1
  • c. somewhere in between
7. Which of the three items below should NOT be on the resume?
  • a. your skills and accomplishments
  • b. your address
  • c. your hair color
8. Why is writing your own resume important?
  • a. you need to practice your typing skills
  • b. writing someone else’s would be difficult
  • c. you will do much better when interviewing
9. A resume should focus on the needs of…
  • a. your younger sibling
  • b. anyone but you
  • c. the employer
10. Which one of the following words is NOT an action word?
  • a. managed
  • b. negotiated
  • c. chicken

If you answered anything other than "c" for any of the above questions, you either have a great sense of humor or don't "get it".

In all sincerity, while this was a fun little resume quiz, it is meant to convey some of the realities of the resume-writing process.

First, understand the big picture. You want to find a career that will be satisfying to you and will provide you with the opportunities you seek. Set some goals that will help you achieve success in the job-search process as well as direct your steps as you head into the future. Don't just focus on the short-term goal of finding a job. Find the RIGHT job.

Second, while this whole process is somewhat serious in nature, keep a smile on your face and find humor wherever you can. It is easy to get so wrapped up in revising your resume for the 5th time that you get somewhat surly, but back away when you can and have some fun with it, too.

You have the ability to create your future. Focus on your potential and integrate that focus into your life on a daily basis. You can live a happy, balanced life, working in a career that reflects your goals and dreams.

Don't settle for anything less.

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