Resume Objective

The resume objective shows focus

It gives the employer an opportunity to understand the direction in which a job candidate is going. If you don't use one, an employer might not be able to determine from the rest of your resume what type of work you are seeking.

Some people rely on the cover letter to give the employer some guidance as to the type of work desired. In today's fast-paced world, that is simply not enough.

What if the cover letter is never read? What if the cover letter becomes separated from the resume when it is sent to another department? Counting on other people to know what you are interested in is setting yourself up for failure.

resume objective, objective statement

The objective statement provides the employer with the necessary information to:

  • Know what kind of work interests you
  • Recognize your desire to impact the organization in a positive way
  • Show that you understand what the company needs

Did you notice the second line? Your resume objective statement should focus on the employer's needs, not your own.

Here are two examples of resume objectives:

  1. "Benefits Specialist position administering all aspects of employee benefit plans including orientation, enrollment, maintaining and auditing HR data as well as resolving benefit-related inquiries"


  2. "A human resource position where my communication and organization skills can best be utilized"
Which example gives the employer the necessary information about:
  • What the job candidate is interested in
  • How the job candidate can benefit the company
Do you want to get hired for a specific position or are you ok with interviewing for any position an employer has available? Most people have a career focus and are interested in a specific type of work. You probably are, too.

The resume objective statement lets the employer know what you are interested in doing. The best kind of objective statement does it in a way that also lets the employer know what you can do for them.

What can it do for you?

  1. Arouse interest in the rest of the resume
  2. Inject energy and enthusiasm
  3. Express your desire to contribute to the organization
  4. Articulate your knowledge of one or more aspects of the company
Use the resume objective to generate interest in the rest of your resume. Get the employer's attention. The more specific you can be and the more you can tailor every word to the position desired, the better your chances are for getting an interview.

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