A Resume for a Semi-Retired Worker

How to Write a Resume for a Semi-Retired Worker

Based on a question posed on the "Ask a Resume Expert" page:

Question from Joe in PA:"I am semi retired and working 30 hrs. per week. The company may be closing and I wish to continue to work and need to work. I have a resume, but it is difficult to sum up the past 40 years I've spent in data processing. Most of this time was in customer service field engineering management and administration functions."

Our Response: Your situation is not uncommon. It is hard to effectively summarize 40 years of work.

What I can tell you is that you ought to consider pulling out the highlights in your past work experience that will make the best impression on a future employer. Target your resume to the specific position for which you are applying. If that means you need to alter your resume somewhat for different job opportunities, then you really should do that. It's a pain, but it does work in your favor.

The resume format that will likely work best for you in this situation is a functional format. Use a Summary of Qualifications at the top of your resume to showcase your skills and accomplishments. After the Summary of Qualifications, either list your Education or your Work Experience (as you ordinarily would on the resume) depending upon which one will make the best impression on the prospective employer.

Be sure to bring out your accomplish-ments. Don't just list your responsibilities and tasks. Point out where you saved the company money (i.e. by enhancing the flow of work) or cut the amount of time it took to process a particular series of reports (saving money) or whatever you might have in your personal background. Accomplishments speak louder than responsibilities. They show initiative and action.

Lastly, focus on the kinds of words that employers want to hear. Buzzwords or words that are common in your field are very important. Also important are words that show action and ability. They are called Resume Action Keywords.

I hope this offers some help. I wish I could just snap my fingers and make your situation easier, but unfortunately, like most things in life, it just takes work and effort. :)

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