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How These Resume Examples Benefit You

First, these examples provide you with the opportunity to view resumes in all three of the most recognized formats. This is important since you have the ability to see how other people have utilized these formats to create their professional resumes. No other web site provides this in this way. There are services offering resume builders to help facilitate to resume creation process.

Instead of seeing 100 different people with 100 different resumes, you will find 2 people with three resumes (one in each of the 3 most recognized formats).

How can 6 resume examples be as helpful as 100?

Each resume example on this site provides much better means of analyzing how job-related qualifications can be displayed in each of the three formats. This is SO POWERFUL. Most sites just show you a bunch of resumes in a variety of occupations. You never get to see how one person's information looks in all three formats (chronological,functional and combination).

Illustrations like the ones you see on this site are representations of what your resume could look like. You have the ability to make yours look just as sharp, just as eye-catching. It's not hard, but it does take a little time. Do it right and you will launch your career forward - way ahead of your peers.

Which one is right for you?

Let's check the crystal ball.

The crystal ball says:

The format you use is a personal choice - of course.

If you have any doubts at all about which one to use, it might be best to start with the Chronological format so that you have the ability to see all of your information in a traditional style. You can move from there to the other formats if you want to see how they will highlight your skills and accomplishments in other ways.

Second, the samples allow for you to recognize what works. When you focus on what works, you will be better able to identify what does not work. Not every resume will be able to provide you with insight that challenges you to create your own "work of art." Many will, however, if you read through them with the right frame of mind. Scan over them and you'll probably learn very little. Read them with the intent to discover what you like and (what you don’t like) and you will be well on your way to writing your resume with confidence and flair.
The employer gets to scan, you do not.
Unfortunate, but true. You need to read the information in each of the examples to determine WHY they work. Scanning each resume example will bring you closer to your goal - YOUR DREAM JOB!

Third, each example presents a variety of work experiences, activities, professional affiliations and so on. You may read something on one or more of these resumes that remind you of something you have done in the past that might make an impact on your own resume. Keep a notepad handy throughout this process to jot down ideas. Perhaps you forgot about volunteering for a particular charitable organization – or maybe you were an active member in your Alumni Association.

These examples are provided to make you think, to help you envision the format that is best for you and to allow you some insight into what makes a professional resume so much better than an ordinary one.

By now, you know exactly what background work is needed to put your resume together. Whew! It's time to bring it into a cohesive, professional word picture of YOU.


Now, it's time to see what makes this web site so much better than the others on the Internet.

Review these Resume Examples to decide which format is right for you

→If you are in the military or former military, click here for resume examples more suited to your needs

→If you are a high school student, click here to review a resume to fit your situation.

→If you are a college student or a recent college graduate, follow the link below to see a resume example for a: College Graduate Resume

These resume examples help provide you with the information you need to understand the difference between each of the different formats and how they are put together. This is one of only places on the web where you can compare all three styles at the same time for the same individual. 

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