Restaurant Manager Interview Answers

Restaurant managers have a long list of responsibilities they must take care of in handling the business. These tasks include identifying and estimating quantities of foods and beverages, meeting with sales representatives to order supplies, recruiting employees, and communicating with customers, in addition to many more obligations. Because of this, the person that they hire must be one who can prove to deal with stress and juggle all the activities. However, you must first convince them through your words. Listed below are five questions typically asked during interviews for a Restaurant Manager position. Each question is followed by guidelines you must adhere to in order to respond to the question successfully.

1) What makes you the best candidate for this position?

Because there are plenty of other people applying for this same position you must:

-Provide descriptive explanations on achievements that will help you to stand out amongst others (E.g. You created an original dish that is now the most popular dish at that particular restaurant.)
-Name any relevant strengths such as the abilities to multitask, to manage a team, to play each role of the team, and stay organized
-Mentioning a certain style or process that you have in both your cooking and managing skills will help boost your chances of being recognized

2) Where have you previously worked?

Because you are likely to have already listed your previous workplaces on your résumé, you should answer this question with detail by:

-Describing the types of food you cooked at these restaurants, emphasizing main or specialty dishes (If this is a restaurant that serves various types of food, they will be pleased to hear that you are experienced in all types of cuisines)
-Explaining how you impacted each of these restaurants in a unique way

3) What do you think sets this restaurant apart from other restaurants?

This is a tough question, as many people have difficulty differentiating restaurants from one another. You must therefore:

-Name something you particularly like about the ambience of the restaurant
-Comment on the exceptional customer service and how the employees make you feel more welcome there than anyone else
-Specify a particular dish and tell why you like it (mention certain ingredients used, the way it is prepared, how it is presented that add to your liking of it)

4) What do you like least about being a restaurant manager?

You may find this difficult because you do not want to name a factor that is crucial to being a restaurant manager, as they may use that as the basis of rejecting you. Although this may sometimes be true it is better to:

-Be honest with them about what you dislike while being able to prove that you can persevere through it despite your aversion of the task (You can also suggest ways to overcome or correct that dislike)
-Prove that you view the negative emotions as ways that you can positively improve yourself

5) What are your long-term career goals?

While explaining your ambitions, be sure to:

-Explain how working at a restaurant such as this one will provide a good foundation for the rest of your career
-Talk about how they can benefit from hiring you, especially with your constant willingness to develop and improve

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