Renewable Energy Jobs

With so many people getting laid off from their job these days, people are back on the hunt for jobs. Unemployment is currently haunting many people in the United States. Many industries no longer require as many workers as they once did. Also, technology has somewhat detrimentally replaced the work of humans over the years. Therefore, the fact that different energy alternatives have a good impact on employment should not be neglected. As a solution to the unemployment problem, renewable energy jobs with the focus of renewable energy development will create better lives for so many struggling men and women. Energy and capital substituting the performance of tasks once performed by humans has been a positive global shift for producing goods and services. However, it might be more beneficial, today, if things go back to the way they were. Rising energy prices has contributed to the unemployment epidemic by causing people to lose their jobs in the automobile, steel and chemical industries.

Evidence has shown that solar energy solely was discovered to create nine times as many jobs per unit of energy formed as nuclear power. Nuclear plants take away from so many job opportunities. Studies have shown that very dissimilar numbers and various job types are created by the development of one energy source rather than the development of another. In addition to each approach resulting in direct jobs, such as drilling oil wells, manufacturing wind machines, or installing insulation, a vast number of indirect jobs in related industries and services will be made as well. Furthermore, some energy sources generate jobs requiring specialized training, while others create mainly unskilled jobs. The good thing about this is that jobs will be available to people in rural and urban towns. Moreover, renewable energy development also produces a demand for a wide range of more technical jobs in fields such as resource assessment, systems engineering and advanced research. In addition, the diverse types of biomass are perhaps the most labor-intensive of renewable energy sources. In comparison to conventional energy sources, fuel wood plantations, methanol plants, and biogas digesters all require more rural labor, while using less capital. These jobs are in need of people, not machines, to work. They might have to use the machines to assist them in performing tasks, yet the machines will not be replacing the human workers. Energy crops and polycultures of mixed food also require more labor because they use less technology. Another thing that will create new jobs is small conversion facilities built for turning biomass energy sources into liquid and gas fuels. There are so many various methods for creating new jobs and diminishing an aspect of the unemployment crisis in this country by diving into the renewable energy industry. Although renewable energy alone cannot fix the unemployment issue completely, it will provide opportunities for improving the overall quality of life for so many people. The great thing about jobs in renewable energy is that they need to be harvested continuously and jobs that require gathering fuels and processing them and manufacturing technologies and repairing them will continue to be available.

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