Receptionist Interview Answers

As a receptionist, you will be the first point of contact for the customers, clients, guests, or even people who are lost who come into the office. You are therefore the person who creates the initial impression people will have about the company. It is a fast-paced occupation that necessitates the ability to multitask, stay unruffled, and keep organized despite many interruptions. Listed below are five questions typically asked during interviews for a receptionist position. Each question is followed by guidelines you must adhere to in order to respond to the question successfully.

1) Why did you decide to become a receptionist?

The interviewer wants to know your reasons for seeking a job like this. You can:

-Name influences, such as one’s parent who works in a similar field, who helped you open your eyes to such a position
-Talk about your fondness of people and how you view it as a privilege to help them
-Mention how your skills fit in with the job
-Elaborate on how rewarding your past experiences as a receptionist have been

2) What do you do when someone asks you a question that you do not know the answer to?

The answer to this question reveals how you resolve conflict. Since this is an important skill of a receptionist, you must:

-Show that you care about learning more and more about the company and its functions; Asking a source that would know would not only answer the customer’s question, but also give you knowledge about something that you did not even know you did not know
-Prove that you can adapt quickly to a new situation that you may not have been trained for
-Tell them that you will utilize your resources and ask your supervisor
-Inform them that you have done your research on the company and that you should be able to provide at least a basic answer to their question

3) What do you believe are the three most important qualities of a receptionist?

Because everyone has different opinions, each candidate’s answer may vary, you should then say which qualities you believe to be the most significant. Some examples are:

-A positive attitude: Since a receptionist deals with all kinds of people everyday, they must maintain a positive attitude and greet and handle each person in a kind and courteous manner.
-Good discretion: There may be customers or clients that come in with complaints or negative comments, a receptionist must then use his or her discretion when responding to them
-Attentiveness: Because there are so many tasks that a receptionist must deal with, they must make sure not to forget an appointment or be so engrossed in their work that they ignore a customer’s needs

4) Describe a situation where you were required to multitask.

The interviewer wants to know that when you are in a stressful situation, you will not break down. Prove to them that you are very capable of multitasking by describing an experience where you did just that. Be sure to include:

-What position you were in
-What projects you had to multitask
-The process that you undertook in completing them
-The outcome of those projects

5) What do you think the most difficult aspect of a receptionist’s job is?

While you give your response to what the most difficult aspect is, you must also explain how you will overcome its difficultness. Do not appear to be intimidated by such an aspect. You can say:

-“Being able to focus on each customer’s needs is the most difficult in my opinion. Because there are so many people coming in, it might be difficult to answer each question that everyone gives. Keeping my priorities straight, however, and knowing that the customer always comes first will help me to stay focused and deal with one customer at a time.”

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