Questions to Consider for a Career Decision

Making a career choice can be one of the most difficult decisions that one will ever make. Considering different careers can be very stressful and overwhelming, and while there is no one solution, the best thing that a person can do is ask the right questions. Before one can choose a career, they must know themselves, so introspection is the most important part of this process.

There are several important questions to consider when making a career decision. The most basic question to ask is, “What are you good at?” Are you naturally a good public speaker? Or do you prefer working behind the scenes? Questions such as these can shed a lot of light on the career that is right for you. “How do you like to work?” is also a good question. The careers that would appeal to a person who prefers open ended assignments and flexible work schedules are not the same careers that would apply to someone who likes a rigid schedule with strict guidelines. Ask yourself, “Where would I like to work?” This question sheds light on a range of important questions, such as your openness to travel, relocation and more general work environment concerns, such as big office or a more personal space. While many would like to believe pay only comes second to passion, for some people this just is not the case, so ask yourself, “how much do I want to make?” A teacher and a business executive do not have the same pay range; this may be a very easy way to narrow down your career choices.

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