Questions To Ask Employer In An Interview

While many people have the misconception that an interview is strictly for the employer to ask questions, this is not the case. The interview is actually a two-way street for both the employer to assess a candidate’s qualifications and for the interviewee to gain more clarification about the specific job title he or she is applying for. A starting question could be as simple as requesting the employer to explain the current conditions of the company.

A more sophisticated approach toward asking a question would be to preface it with a statement that exhibits preparation.

For example, if an interviewee demonstrates that he or she carried out extensive research on the company beforehand, it illustrates that the candidate is not only well-prepared, but is goal-oriented.

However, not all questions are good. By refraining from asking about salary, vacation time, and especially information that can be easily accessed via internet, it sends the employer the message that the interviewee is competent and capable. One of the worst mistakes that someone can make in an interview is to not ask a single question, because it signifies both laziness and a lack of interest.

Almost as important as asking questions is to listen to the answers. You want to ask questions that you are truly interested in so that you seem genuine and so that the answers can benefit you. If you are able to ask follow up questions based on the answers that you receive, you could end up in a full fledged dialogue with the person interviewing you and this can greatly increase your chances of being offered the job.

So, be sure to pay a lot of attention to this portion of the job interview. It often flies under the radar of those preparing for a job interview, but it is an area we you can make a true and lasting impact on your potential future employer.

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