Pros and Cons of Cover Letter Services

The cover letter is a crucial component in the application procedure, as it determines whether or not an applicant moves forward in the hiring process. Because of its importance, many people have resorted to using cover letter services to aid them in writing the letters. Although people may assume that these services are nothing but beneficial because they are providing an extra set of helping hands, there are also many disadvantages that can come with utilizing such a service.

Most of the pros are pretty evident. Because writing cover letters is the main purpose of these services, the employees have plenty of time to focus on the quality and content of these letters. Time management is one of the most difficult tasks people attempt to accomplish in our busy world today, so having someone else do it for you will lessen your burden, and allow more time for other things such as the job search itself. Another reason they are valuable is because they can provide you with keywords that are appropriate with the specific type of job that will increase your chances of getting the reader’s attention. The usage of these terms may be exactly what the employer is seeking in the candidates who they believe to be eligible for the job. Since this is their line of work, they have a lot of knowledge about what employers expect. Writing letters as their focus allows them to be unlikely to make errors, as they repeatedly proofread their work to assure accuracy.

While all the pros seem to sell this cover letter service, it is important that one is aware of the cons as well. It is obvious that the only person who can accurately describe oneself is oneself. Regardless of how much information you give the person writing your letter, the story is always told differently from a primary source. Another con is that due to the masses of cover letters that the services must produce, there is the likelihood of your “unique” cover letter resulting in a generic, “unique” cover letter, so to speak. These cover letter services can also be expensive. Your money can be going toward services that help with tasks you absolutely cannot do on your own. The most important con, however, is that with having someone else write your cover letter, you are being dishonest with the employer by advertising the writing skills as your own. This may come as a disadvantage when you are hired and the employer expects you to have the same skills.

The pros and cons listed here should help you to make your choice of using cover letter services or not. If you do decide to use a cover letter service, make sure that you communicate with the writer so that they will know how to best represent you. Keep in mind that writing this cover letter is possible to do on your own. Finding examples of cover letters, doing research on the company, and thinking of relevant qualities by assessing yourself will help guide you through writing the content. If you still need assistance, there are books in the library, counselors at your school, or community centers that will provide you with strategies free of charge.

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