Project Manager Interview Answers

Being a project manager requires a great amount of skills. They are in charge of many aspects of a company including staffing and management, products and services, sales, marketing, selling, human resources development and training, finance, administration, in addition to many more. Interviewers are seeking people who are qualified for this intense position and are capable of handling it. Listed below are five questions typically asked during interviews for a project manager position. Each question is followed by guidelines you must adhere to in order to respond to the question successfully.

1) Tell us about your experience in managing.

Use your past experiences to help you prove why you are qualified for the job. Be sure to:

-Mention any time you served as some authority to a team; this includes school groups as well
-While describing the context of the place and group you managed, explain the specific role you played, naming the responsibilities you had as their manager
-Telling them different responsibilities for each different context will prove that you are versatile, and can be a good manager in any given situation

2) Describe some of the projects that you have managed thus far.

This is a very typical question asked of prospective project managers. So be prepared to list projects. The following are examples of what it can include:

-“Air Particles and Air Quality Group Project”- Leader of school group for class presentation; assigned different parts of the research to each student, compiled it into one coherent presentation.
-“Earth Day Plantings”- Ecology Team President; managed a team of 10, delegating the different responsibilities to each member
- “Music Rocks Festival” – Intern Coordinator; was in charge of a group of interns, assigning different projects to each intern, and then reporting back to them on how they did on each and how they can improve

3) How did you solve any problems that occurred from having managed these projects?

The answer to this question reveals how you resolve conflict. Since this is an important skill of a project manager, you must:

-Assessing the situation: Analyzing the conflict
-Gathering information: Asking each person about their thoughts and opinions
-Target the problem: Tracking the root of the issue -Brainstorm possible solutions: Thinking about what actions can be taken to solve the problem
-Negotiate a solution: With all the parties involved, helping them to figure out middle ground, make them compromise

4) What are some of the resources you utilized as a project manager?

This question tests your knowledge of some of the typical project manager tools. This can consist of:

-MS Project
-Business tools such as SAP, ERP, BANN
-Business and financial plans
-Vendors, suppliers, subcontractors

5) Why should we choose you over other candidates?

This is your time to sell yourself to the interviewer. Tell them your best traits and accomplishments that you are proud of. Examples may include:

-“I am confident that I can lead, motivate, inspire, and encourage people.”
-“I am knowledgeable in (given field) and am prepared to accept the accompanying responsibilities.”
-“I am willing to support the team and be the go-to person in times of conflict.”
-“I believe that my background in (given field) and experience working in the (field) industry have prepared me to handle this job.”

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