Programmer Resume

Programming is a challenging job market that is highly competitive and clearly based on an individual’s previous skills and experiences in which case act as a digital showcase to exploit your true talents. Having a resume that speaks for itself is the key here, making sure that you include all your experiences is important, but giving detail as to why each of these experiences is the key to having a successful programming resume.

Joan Italano
3911 South Road St. Temecula, CA

Professional Overview
Information technology professional in the Computer Science field for over 9 years
Strong analytical skills and excellemnt communication skills
Capable of being a dynamic team player with experience in Hand-coded HTML coding, and developed windows applications that can be used in lower-level operating systems.

Professional Experiences
Programmer/Developer at ABC Company, Temecula, CA
Develop programs to more efficiently while browsing the web
Optimizing web pages for search engine rankings
Developed multi-browser program and object-orientated CGI files
Withheld staff meetings and organized team orientated based tasks
Programmer at XYZ Company, Temecula CA
Designed a AWT/Swing based package used for appointment processing for computer systems
Created various interactive web pages using HTML coding and JavaScript coding to integrate into various programs
Developed a processor to maintain connections for driver and URL strings

University of California, Berkley 2000
Masters in Computer Science, Emphasis in HTML formatting
Loyola Marymount University 1995
Bachelors Degree in Computer Science

Computer- experience in various web based html coding programs, system formatting, and web browsing programs.
Languages: Spanish, Italian

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