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Your First Job Out of College is Crucial

It is very important that you try to start your career down the right path with your first job.

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What Does Curriculum Vitae Mean

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is intended to be a more detailed and holistic look into an individual’s background.

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What Are Some Long Term Career Goals

Keeping and creating long term career goals has an underlying purpose of helping an individual remain focused at the larger and latent task ahead.

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Using Twitter To Find Companies Hiring

How to use Twitter in your job search to find companies hiring.

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Using LinkedIn To Find A Job

there is a social networking site that is specifically made for job searching and employer networking. LinkedIn has made it possible to access a directory of professionals and companies conveniently.

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Using Facebook To Find Jobs

The purpose of Facebook is to build a social network with different people.With so many people using Facebook today, it has actually helped in the process of finding jobs.

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Truck Driver Resume

Professional truck driving often requires that your resume be up to date, accurate, and full of both your experiences and amount of time working in the field.

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Tips and Tricks To Teach Employers About Social Media

Tips and tricks that you can teach your employers about the field of social media.

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Store Manager Resume

When applying for a position as store manager, essential things that a resume should display are your various leadership, interpersonal communication, and designation skills.

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Social Media Manager Resume

A sample resume from a social media manager

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