Professional Conduct

For once, it's all about YOU

Professional conduct is really a way of life. It starts before you enter the employer's door. It starts before you begin to look for a job. It starts with you – your attitude.

Understanding professionalism can alter your career path. It can make the difference between you getting a raise or getting nothing at all. It can lead to promotions when your peers are still languishing in their old positions.

The way you act and behave influences the way you are approached, how you are treated and the way you are given opportunities to excel. Professional conduct is essential.

As an employee, your conduct will be looked at from many different perspectives. The people who work in positions at levels above your own will be watching you for clues as to your promote-ability. The individuals you work with will see how you treat others and how well you do your job. The people who are in positions at a level below yours will be checking to see if you are consistent, courteous and honest.

There are many ways to express what an employee should or should not do. Be nice. Show respect. Mostly, it boils down to the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

You want to succeed, right?

Follow the rules, do everything that is expected of you (and more) and help others achieve their goals, especially those people in positions above yours and you will find that those actions are recognized and remembered.

Are they always formally recognized with plaques and rewards? No, for the most part, they are not. When it is time to promote someone, though, who do you think the supervisors are going to think of? Are they going to consider the employee who is late to work, leaves tasks undone and loses his/her temper all the time?

Or, are they going to look to you – the professional who consistently does more than what is expected, causes little or no trouble and pays attention to details?

If you want to make an impact on your supervisor(s), get things done, cooperate with others and learn how to solve problems. Those are some of the most sought-after traits in EVERY industry.

Professional conduct can mean many things, but to most people, it is a sign of dignity, class, integrity and maturity. A professional handles him or herself with pride and finesse. Employers are looking for people who can handle the day-to-day activities of their organization without losing their temper, bickering with others or lying and cheating to climb the corporate ladder.

Consider these aspects of a professional employee:
  • One aspect of being an outstanding employee is to continue to learn once you have secured the job you want. Remaining as you are is not acceptable. You have within you so much that can be explored, challenged and achieved. NEVER SETTLE FOR MEDIOCRITY.
  • Another aspect is to inject enthusiasm wherever you go. When you are filled with energy and excitement, it flows to everyone around you. People will want to be around you. It becomes contagious and each person you spend time with will wish they had what you have.
No matter where you go or what you do, being successful is almost entirely up to you. So many people have overcome horrible childhoods, poverty, abusive relationships and inadequate educations to change their personal histories so that they reflect honor, success and wealth.

Look Ahead

Professional conduct is essential to your future. What you do and what you say defines who you are. Choose wisely. Your future is at stake.

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