Your Personality Traits

What Your Personality Traits Say to Employers

As you search for the perfect job, or even before you begin your search, you will certainly benefit from spending some time evaluating your personality traits. Why? Only when you truly know yourself, will you be able to make the important choices that affect your career growth. How will you know what makes you happy if you don't know the kind of person you really are? When evaluating your individual traits, keep in mind that these are key aspects that define "who you are". Be honest with yourself as you review the list below. Reflect on your finest qualities as you see them today. NOTE: These are not qualities you hope to possess. They are not characteristics you possessed 10 years ago. These traits define you NOW – at this point in time. People change over time and sometimes their traits change as well.
As you review this list you will begin to gain some insight into your character – the essence of "who you are". Think about how these attributes will benefit your future employer. Be prepared to inject these specific traits into your resume, cover letter and in your interview(s). The more you are able to show the employer what an asset you will be to the organization, the better your chances for getting a job offer.

Responding to the Employer's Needs

Why is it important to delve into your character when searching for a job? One reason is that you are better prepared to respond to an employer's questions about the way you handle situations on the job. If you are confident, decisive and loyal, you will make choices that are well-defined, firm and likely to be in the best interests of the company. Many employers value an employee with this approach. Some, however, may not. If you are not a good fit with the organization you are interviewing with, you will have to determine if you will enjoy working there just as the interviewer will have to decide if you will get along well with the other employees. Understanding your personality traits is an important aspect of making good career decisions. Only when you know yourself well will you be able to make the important choices that affect your job satisfaction.

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