Part Time Employment

More and more people want to make the switch from full-time to part time employment. It seems that the climate for part-time employment is so much better now than it was even 10 years ago. This has been a real wake-up call for employers that they need to offer flexible work options for their employees if they want to attract the very best talent and hang on to them.

In some cases, part-time employment is better suited than a full-time job. Perhaps a young mother is just having her "baby" enter school for the first time. She is going to want to be there to send her child off to school and be there when the bus drops her precious bundle off. Perhaps someone may have an aging parent to take care of and a part-time work schedule would suit that person better. Then there may be the diligent worker who loves their job, but may have just become burnt out. Perhaps it would be more effective to going to a part-time schedule.

There can be some drawbacks of working part-time. Your career advancement will definitely slow down, but at the same time you must become more aggressive. Another big potential drawback is the pay gap. In the summer of 2000, a survey was taken by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that showed full-time workers earned, on an average, $15.77 an hour while part-time workers only earned $8.89 an hour.

Part-time employment is undergoing a quiet transformation and is gaining a more polished image as a result. There are over 25 million people holding part-time positions in the United States. However, the demand for higher-level part-time jobs is far outstripped the supply as many employers are wary of the alternatives to the 40-hour week.

Part-time work can be viable options for administrative positions, sales support, IT, graphic design, finance, engineering and even law.

Who can best benefit from working a part-time position? The typical high school and college student really cannot afford to work any more than part-time hours or else their grades could slip. They can still put some money in their pocket so that they can feel independent and focus on school-work at the same time.

Another group who benefits from part time employment is the retired crowd. The retiree who just left their job may not have anything to fill in those empty hours when they worked. A part-time job may just be what the doctor ordered for them to feel needed once again.

Lastly, anyone who is seeking a new career change might do well to see if he or she can get some part-time work in the area that interests them – and gain the experience needed to make the change.

The climate for part time employment is so much better now than it was about ten years ago. If employers want to attract the best talent and make sure they stay with their firm, then they employer needs to offer flexible meaningful work options for their employees.

As to whether you wish to work full or part-time, you should choose the level of involvement that best fits your times constraints and your needs. Part-time employment is a viable option for many people today.

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