Is it OK to Pad Your Resume?

Well, what do you think? Is it ok to pad your resume? This question gets asked a lot and the answer is always a resounding "no", but there are some people who do it anyway. What are the possible outcomes if you pad your resume? Why isn't it a good idea? pad your resume, padding your resume,lying on your resume If you have ever been unemployed for any length of time at all, you understand how frustrating (and sometimes downright scary) it can be. You often wonder how you are going to make ends meet.

Being unemployed can make you question all sorts of things including whether or not it is ok to pad your resume in order to potentially open more doors.

When you think about it, who really gets hurt if you fabricate a few things on your resume? As long as you can do the job, what difference does it make?

If you get caught, it makes a big difference. Even if you weren't fired – and you probably would be – anyone one who knows of your mistake would likely never trust you again. Your potential for advancement would be nil and you probably would not see a raise in years.

It is NOT ok to pad your resume

Why not tell the truth? Everyone has situations that resumes might not portray especially well. If you didn't work for 18 months because you decided to trek across Europe, that gap in employment would be noticeable on your resume, but you could easily explain it in your cover letter. Or, perhaps you "almost" finished college, lacking only a few classes before you decided to seek full time employment. Writing on your resume that you completed your degree is not only false, but it can cause a lot of havoc if the employer does background checks (which most major corporations do these days).

Telling the truth keeps you out of trouble. It is a whole lot better to explain your situation and take your chances than to lie on your resume and lose your credibility. It's not worth it. If you believe your education is not sufficient, address it and convey in your cover letter that your hands-on experience is an outstanding substitution for book learning. While education is important, there are ways to emphasize your other skills and accomplishments so that your lack of education isn't quite so obvious.

When relating your work experience, embellishing the truth is not a good way to get into your prospective employer's good graces. Can you give your resume a face-lift without challenging your integrity? Certainly, you can. Use Resume Action Keywords to spice up the language and make it more effective. Also, make sure your accomplishments stand out. Accomplishments are much more important than the tasks and responsibilities for which you were responsible.

Create an outstanding resume

Your best defense against your competitors in the job search is to have an outstanding resume. It has to be an honest representation of your qualifications, but it must also show your skills and abilities in the best possible light. Always look for ways to enhance the wording to make it more meaningful to prospective employers.

Is it ok to pad your resume? No, it isn't. You can make an excellent resume without lying or stretching the truth. Be yourself – but be your BEST self. You'll win every time with integrity.

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