The Most Important Job Skills a Job Candidate Should Have

What are the ten most important job skills
a job candidate should have?

Employers demand a lot from employees. Show them what you are capable of and you will be successful.

  1. Budget management - A priority of effective budget management is to take steps to ensure that businesses create a manageable and controllable budget and to prevent cash crunch situations from developing. Budgets need to be monitored to ensure that they are being wisely implemented. This is indeed one of the most important skills a job candidate can have.
  2. Speaking – Interpersonal communication as well as conducting meetings is vital in today's business climate. Being able to communicate ideas, persuade clients or business partners, motivate and inspire employees and explain complex issues is one of the most sought after traits in the corporate world.
  3. Writing – This goes beyond grammar and punctuation. Writing involves clearly identifying concepts to be conveyed and relating them to others in a way that allows for no misconceptions. As with speaking, written communication can also involve influencing others to follow a certain path, encouraging others to improve productivity or relate changes in procedures or corporate structure.
  4. Public Relations – It is important to be able to handle yourself well in any given situation, but especially when you represent the organization for which you work. Whether it is dealing with clients, business associates or the media, being able to deal with stress and the unknown with poise is definitely something that employers crave.
  5. Organization/Prioritization –One of the most important skills a job candidate can have is organization skills. This really isn't about keeping your desk clean. It's about keeping tabs on your workflow and monitoring your progress to ensure that deadlines are met and responsibilities are completed efficiently and effectively.
  6. Initiative – If it needs to be done, either do it or get someone who is responsible for that item to get it done. The worst thing an employer can hear is "It's not my job." So much more could be accomplished if employees would be willing to stretch beyond their comfort zones and do what needs to be done simply because the situation requires it.
  7. Interviewing – Not all interviews take place in the Human Resources department. Each department in which there is a vacancy will likely have one or two people taking time to determine the most qualified person for the job. If you can interview someone well and obtain valuable information about specific skills and/or accomplishments, you will be in demand. Did you think this would be one of the most important skills?
  8. Negotiating – Getting the best deal for the company is something in which employers are always interested. Everything is about the bottom line. Is there a way to cut costs by negotiating better contracts? If you can show an employer that you can successfully negotiate good deals, you will be a favored candidate.
  9. Instructing Others – Teaching others is an essential element of leadership. If you can convey directions in a way that allows others to implement ideas and/or designs, you will find yourself in demand by employers. Not everyone has this ability. If you do, develop it.
  10. Energy – If you are always willing to give an extra effort to everything you do, it will become readily apparent to everyone. Getting to work before your co-workers and staying a little later makes huge difference in how you are viewed, especially if you are known to demonstrate good use of your time. If you approach your job – and your life – with a high energy level, you will accomplish more. Employers LOVE that.

Now you know the most important job skills a job candidate should have. It is important that you dig deep into your personal and professional skill set and find examples that show you have each of the ten most important job skills as listed above.

Most companies are interested in people who will support their goals as well as their bottom line. When you can establish your desire to not only meet, but exceed their needs, you will be much more likely to get the job you are seeking. Knowing which are the most important skills a job candidate should have is very helpful in understanding where your focus should be in obtaining new skills – or refining the skills you already have.

Employers demand a lot from employees. Show them what you are capable of and you will be successful. You don't have to pad your resume, just look for opportunities to excel. Make the most of every open door. In no time, your resume can include a host of valuable professional traits and accomplishments that will have prospective employers drooling at the thought of hiring you.

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