Most Common Interview Questions

There are occasions when an interviewer asks a difficult, unexpected and unique question, but luckily, this is rare. In fact, there are interview questions that are considered standard and used by most interviewers. Being aware of these questions and previously considering the answers can be one of the keys to giving yourself the opportunity to have a successful interview.

An interviewer wants to get a gauge of who you are as a person and more importantly they want to see if you are a good fit for their company. Understandably, these two main focuses will be found in most of the questions that you are asked. You can expect an interview to begin with general questions about yourself and the various skills, strengths and weaknesses that you consider yourself to possess. After these questions are out of the way, the interviewer will start focusing more on your fit in the company. Questions you can anticipate include: What are your career goals? What interests you about this job/company? and What type of experience do you have that can be applied to this job? Lastly, an interviewer may ask, “Do you have any questions for me? And how soon do you need an answer?” These questions are again intended to test for how serious you are about the job and to determine whether or not you are in high demand. Knowing the questions that an interviewer may ask is not a guarantee for success. The key is to be prepared, so make sure to spend time on developing well thought out answers to all of these questions.

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